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 PhD virtual connect 

As Sigma European region, we are always looking for new ways to support our members in their academic and clinical careers. We wanted to reach out to our members who are in the process of undertaking their Ph-Ds, to give them the opportunity in a low-key environment to present their work, get academic advice from fellow academics in the region and to share their experiences in nursing research. For that we developed a virtual conference for Ph-D researchers in the last 8 years as a free new membership benefit. The formula has proven to be very successful and helpful for the attending members.

The conference theme for 2023 ''Re-imagining nursing research in an uncertain world". 

To submit an abstract please use this link to Google forms and upload your abstact extended to the 30th of September 2023.                                             

Thank you to Fiona Gilmore who has allowed us to use her evaluation to spread the word of this important event:

" I had an excellent experience of presenting and receiving feedback at the conference. The comments I received generated innovative discussions around my research and I gained invaluable new insights. The discussion even prompted another attendee to generously share an article with me that they thought would be of interest.  All the comments and questions posed throughout the session felt supportive; enabling what I perceived to be, mutually beneficial dialogues.By attending this conference, I learned that virtual conferences are useful for doctoral researchers to share their work and gain constructive feedback. It was reassuring to know that my work resonated with other nurse researchers, despite the geographical and contextual differences, and gaining international perspectives can support researcher innovation. Many of the audience members were experience nurse researchers, and their attendance and contributions provided priceless expert advice. Personal introductions at the beginning of sessions enriched discussion and the posing of encouraging questions enhanced learning."

ABSTRACT Conference books 2019 & 2020 here
Abstract ebook 2021 here

                           Part Two of the 8th Ph-D virtual connect "Masterclass"

               15th February 2023. Here are the slides.




                     Strengthening the sustainability & future growth of nursing research.
                 Hosted together with our Alpha Alpha Gamma chapter, Croatia.

 Attending to the theoretical and why is it important to excellence in nursing research.


Alison Steven is Professor of Research in nursing and Health professions education at Northumbria University Newcastle. She has over 20 years’ experience in health services research. Her work concerns the enhancement of safety and quality in professional practice through a focus on 3 areas: Health professions education and learning; Staff health and wellbeing; The embedding of skills, knowledge, and innovations in practice.

Getting published. A pragmatic talk about writing and publishing.

Amanda Clarke is Professor of Nursing (research) at Northumbria University Newcastle. Amanda’s research interests have focused on developing ways to work with adults to help them to think about and plan for, the end of their lives. This has included engaging in life story work with older adults and developing more participatory and innovative ways of working with older adults as service users, co-researchers and peer educators. Currently, Amanda is working with colleagues on the Marie Curie funded study ‘Rapid Response Service Models in End-of-Life Care: an integrated Realist-Economic Evaluation.

 February 23rd 2022:

We were so delighted to have these eminent colleagues this year to help us provide a stellar panel.

Thank you to these Sigma members Eminent Nurse Scientist panel for making this masterclass so special and thought provoking.
We welcomed Prof's Harnett, Čukljek & Latour for a very lively, concise, and cutting edge take on this incredibly interesting & trending issue within Nursing.

From Research Waste to Research Sustainability: What's the trick?

Prof. Dr. Jos M. Latour - Professor in Clinical Nursing & Associate Head of School - Research

School of Nursing and Midwifery | Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences | University of Plymouth.UK.

Jos Latour is a professor in clinical nursing at the University of Plymouth (UK) and professor in paediatric nursing at Hunan Children’s Hospital, Changsha (China). Jos has been an intensive care nurse for over 30 years. His clinical post is based at the Derriford University Hospital in Plymouth and Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton in the UK where he is the director of the Clinical Schools aiming to drive research forward with clinical staff. The research programmes of Jos are related to patient and family-centred care, end-of-life, emergency and sepsis. Jos has published widely in peer-reviewed journals. He is an associate-editor of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Frontiers in Pediatrics and international editorial board member of several other international journals. Internationally, Professor Latour holds several visiting professorships including at Curtin University in Perth (Australia). Professor Latour received several Fellowship awards including the Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; Fellow of European federation of Critical Care Nursing associations; and ESPNIC Life-Time Achievement Award.



 Dr Gerardina Harnett is currently the Head of Department of Nursing and Health Care Sciences at the Institute of Technology, Tralee, Co. Kerry,/ Munster University Ireland where she has held this position since 2013. Gerardina's area of expertise is that of community/public health nursing, primary health care, leadership, research, and policy development. Her mission is to provide leadership, expertise, and compassion in responding to service users, learners and colleagues.

Gerardina is also a Public Health Nurse. She is a member of the Irish Careful Nursing, the Island Nursing Review steering group and the Irish Global Health Network. Her research interest includes work-based resilience, rural, remote and isolated healthcare provision and sustainable development. She is currently the President of the Omega Epsilon-At-Large Sigma Chapter in Ireland. Gerardina is a wife to Michael and they have four grown children and two grandchildren. She enjoys running and spending time with family and friends.

Prof, Dr Snježana Čukljek is a  Nurse educator/researcher at University of Applied Health Studies,Zagreb, Croatia. Snježana IS ALSO THE Editor of the Croatian Nursing Journal.

A huge thank you to these Sigma members/colleagues and eminent nurse scientist Profs Jan Nilson, Parveen Ali, Pedro Parreira & Cheryl Zlotnick who gave a panel presentation in February 2021 last as part of our Ph-D virtual connect program on challenges and lessons learned from their prospective. In a nutshell some key points : Plan your career, find a mentor, network, select a good team around you, dispel myths & when conducting research know your study population, know your instruments, choose wisely spend time on the basics,read your work aloud and choose the journal which best fits your work

Members: Marie-Louise Luiking(Chair/ webpage designer), Ana Filipa Cardosa, Harmen Hummel, Peter Wolfensberger, Mats Christiansen, Filipa Ventura,  Alison Steven and Marco Tomietto, Marja Härkänen &  Boris Iliac.
Terms of Reference Membership involvement committee.

 Member Involvement: This committee positions:

  • Help the RC virtually engage chapter leaders to create a community of peers.
  • Help chapters learn about virtual technologies that they can use to engage members.
  • Organize a virtual International Nurses Day event for the European Region annually.
  • Organize a virtual Ph-D connect conference annually in November.
  • Organise & host Master Class/panel Nursing Science.