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This web page is to honor our Sigma European members in the endeavours they undertake, the excellence in nursing that they strive for and to inform others about our Sigma European members and what are they achieving in their careers. ( We will rotate the positions, if you feel a colleagues work, career needs listing, please contact

Professor Margret Lepp is a registered nurse (RN), drama teacher (RAD), RNT, PhD and professor at the Institute of Health and Care Sciences, at The Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is dedicated to teaching, drama in education, research and international collaboration. She is recognized for her distinguish work as a nurse teacher, researcher, organizer, and leader for international collaboration.  Since 1998, she has published numerous original articles, books, chapters of books and reports.

 First Drama in Nursing

She was the first researcher in Sweden, in 1998, to complete a thesis on using drama as a healthcare education tool. She is a Swedish and Nordic pioneer and research leader in developing and using drama in nursing education. Her international profile and network in the use of educational drama and applied theatre/drama in professional health care education and how to manage conflicts more effectively, is very valuable and outstanding. She has used drama in education as a teacher, researcher and consultant involving students, academics, patients, nurses and other health care professionals in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

She is one of the founders of the DRACON project that explores the relationship between drama and conflict transformation from 3 countries, Australia, Malaysia and Sweden. This international interdisciplinary and comparative action research is aimed at improving conflict management and transformation among students using the medium of educational drama.

Conferences Organization

Margret was the coordinator and chair of the planning committee for the second STTI European Conference, June 16-18, in 2014 at the University of Gothenburg. At that time she had been the President of Tau Omega Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) in Gothenburg, Sweden for 7 years. The Swedish chapter hosted the conference. Margret showed her great talent to organize and keep a team working together towards a goal, but also the importance of a great international network for conducting a successful conference. The conference had 250 attendees from 27 countries.

 ENNA - European Network Nursing Academies

She is one of the founders in 2007 and board member of the European Network Nursing Academies (ENNA) comprising nine European countries.  The aim of ENNA is to: (1) optimize the quality of nursing care for people in need of care and their families, (2) knowledge development and dissemination through international exchange, and (3) to enhance the quality of nursing education.

 NPC - Nurses Professional Competency

She is one of the founders of the NPC Research Project and the development of the Nursing Professional Scale (NPC Scale). The aim is to contribute to an increased knowledge about self-reported professional competence among nurse students and registered nurses, and thereby enhance the quality of nursing education and optimize the quality of nursing care.


Margret has during many years been invited to several universities around the world to give lectures and seminars concerning drama, nursing education and conflict management. She has also participated in several conferences and her work and research has been recognized in many countries resulting in awards.

 At present

She is Adjunct Professor at School of Nursing and Midwifery, Griffith University, Brisbane, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia in 2016-2019 and 2019-2022. She is Visiting Professor in Faculty of Medicine, Public Health & Nursing, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2019, 2021 and in 2022.

Since 2013 and currently she is the scientific leader of the research group “Care Pedagogics and Leadership” at the Institute of Health and Care Sciences, at the University of Gothenburg. Her field of research relate to the following themes: learning, educational drama, competency development, internationalization and conflict management.                                                 

Omega Epsilon At Large Chapter of Sigma in Ireland

Dr. Nicola Cornally is the co-founder and Vice President of the Omega Epsilon At Large Chapter of Sigma Nursing and Midwifery in Ireland. She is leading the team organising the European regional Conference on Sustainability through Partnership which will be hosted at the Royal College of Surgeons University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dublin in June 2022.

Nicola is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork (UCC). She has been Principal Investigator (PI) and /Co-PI on 5 nationally funded projects in the area of dementia palliative care, healthcare design for dignified end-of-life care and contemporary end of life issues including advance care planning; funded by the Heath Research Board, Irish Hospice Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline. She is currently the national lead on an EU JPND funded project implementing comfort care guidance for family of people with Advanced Dementia

She is the programme lead for the MSc Healthcare Quality Improvement at UCC and is co-director of Health Services Research for the School. She is a member of the Strategic Scientific Committee for the AIIHPC Palliative Care Research Network. She currently supervises 7 PhD/ and a postdoctoral researcher, primarily with a focus on palliative and end-of-life care. Dr Cornally is highly respected by students and staff not only in the University but across the practice and professional work groups she participates in and leads.

Nicola is a Registered General Nurse with clinical nursing experience in general medicine and care of the older adult. Nicola has also worked in a senior clinical position in practice development. She holds a PhD (Medicine & Health), MSc in Nursing, BSc in Nursing Studies, Diploma in Nursing Science and Professional Certificates in both Nursing Management and Teaching in Higher Education. 

This link will direct you to Nicola’s 76 publications to date:


In addition to all of the above Dr Cornally is a mom, daughter, wife and friend. She is a role model to so many. The Omega Epsilon At Large Chapter of Sigma in Ireland is immensely proud to have Nicola as a leader for Nursing and are delighted to spot light Dr Cornally in March 2022.


Joana Mendes is a PhD, MSN, RN. She is the only nurse with a PhD in São Francisco Xavier Hospital- Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, her workplace. Phi Xi chapter member, Coimbra, Portugal. She worked for 18 years in Department of Neonatology, and recently she was moved to Palliative Care (neonatal, pediatric and adults) and to the Research Department. She has a post-graduation in pediatric palliative care, two masters (one MSN with specialty in Pediatrics and other in Bioethics) and doctoral degree in Bioethics from the Bioethics Institute of Catholic University in Oporto. She was the first nursing specialist in child health to also have a palliative care specialization acknowledged by the Portuguese Board of Nursing. She also has a specialization in nursing education (according to the Decree-Law 206/2009).

Joana was a pioneer in her country as a nurse advocate for perinatal/neonatal/pediatric palliative care. When she decided to study neonatal palliative care in the intensive care, in 2005, there was no palliative care provision of services for neonates or pediatrics in her country. A very important part of her education and training was traveling to countries that did have pediatric palliative care: courses (USA, Germany), conferences (USA, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands) and scholarships (USA, Ireland, Cardiff). Nowadays, Portugal pediatric palliative care is experiencing great and fast development, as stated by International Children Palliative Care Network, and some of the accomplishments, especially in neonatal field and nursing care, are due her hard work.

Joana Mendes was involved as a member in the creation of several important taskforces of the pediatric palliative care group of Portuguese Association of Palliative Care and Continued and Palliative Care commission group of Portuguese Society of Pediatrics. In this group she was involved in national and international work: organizing conferences, courses; writing documents, papers; and conducting research.  One of the most important activities was working with the Portuguese Health Ministry in the creation of a proposal of health policy for the practice of pediatric palliative care in Portugal.

Joana began her career in California as a guest of Dr. Anita Catlin, co-author of the Neonatal Palliative Care Protocol in the USA and was a guest speaker at a Sigma Lambda Gamma event in 2009. In the USA for a 2-month scholarship, during her PhD program, she concentrated on neonatal palliative care and ethics at end-of-life care. Her PhD Neonatal palliative care: developing consensus among neonatologists using the Delphi technique in Portugal was adopted by the Portuguese Neonatal Society as a national recommendation and a gold standard in Portugal. Since this project, the Portuguese Neonatal Society invited Joana to co-organize several perinatal/neonatal workshops with physicians and other scholars and be part of the recently created ethics and palliative care taskforce.

Joana’s workplace, São Francisco Xavier Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, was the first hospital developing neonatal palliative care activities.  Example of this are memory creations in end-of-life care, the parent’s diary, a special family room, the condolences card, the bereavement booklet and the Memorial Day. These practices were identified as gold standard and were disseminated throughout the country.

Since 2010, Joana Mendes lectures in several courses throughout the country, contributing to disseminate the culture of perinatal, neonatal and pediatric palliative in all levels of the national health system.

Joana Mendes has made and is making important contributions nationally and internationally in pediatric palliative care and nursing field. The time Joana spent in America was a good introduction to the leading researchers and palliative care providers in the United States. She maintains relationships with those individuals and meet them in her travels throughout the world. Joana has published in journals in the United States, spoken at International Sigma Theta Tau meetings, assisted in writing protocol for the National Association of (American) Neonatal Nurses, and traveled worldwide to speak about pediatric ethics. She presented with Dr. Anita Catlin at STTI International Research meetings in Prague, Czech Republic, and Utrecht, Netherlands. She also presents with American palliative care researcher Dr. Charlotte Wool at international events. She also lectured with Dr. Richard Hain, from UK and with Dr. Marie Friedel, from Belgium.

Additionally, she is one of the very few scholars who has continued to work at the bedside, applying theory and evidence to practice to her work in nursing care. In January 2021, during the third covid pandemic wave in Portugal, she was moved from neonatology, without any preparation, to care in the covid adult intensive care. This led to an international study, co-authored by Anita Catlin (USA) and Marcia Santos (Portugal), [1723176-1] International Study on Pediatric Nurses Asked to Care for Adult Patients due to COVID Epidemic Worldwide, (Institutional Review Board Ethics Exemption Category 2: 45 CFR 46.104(d)(2)(i) ) funded by a grant from Lambda Gamma Sigma Theta Tau International.



Welcome to Craig Davidson who graduated with a first-class BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies degree from Glasgow Caledonian University, where he was the Ross Hall Prize recipient for academic excellence and achievement. He is a member of Sigma Nursing’s first Scottish Chapter, Omega Xi where he is part of their Nightingale Challenge for novice nurse leaders.

Currently, he works as a community staff nurse for Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership’s Asylum Health Bridging Team. Craig is passionate about advocating for health equity for all and sits on the NHS Scotland Pride Badge working group.

Craig was recently appointed European regional hub co-chair of the Challengers' Committee for the Nursing Now Challenge, working with the Board and WHO European region to challenge the status quo and promote leadership in early-career nurses and midwives.

Together with a fellow registered nurse Clare Manley, Craig hosts the podcast, “Retaining the Passion: Journeys Through Nursing.” It hopes to shine a light on critical issues affecting the profession and society by speaking to guests about their lived experiences. They then reflect on how they and other healthcare professionals can improve their practice.

The Health and Leadership Academy (HLA) invited them to exhibit their work at their 2020 Conference, where they won a prize for their achievement in “Leading in Difficult Times". They were also featured in the Nursing Standard's list of "Podcasts for nurses: five of the best to keep you learning while you listen". Additionally, the podcast has recently been shortlisted in the “Innovations in Your Speciality” category for the RCN Nursing Awards 2021.

Craig has been offered an HLA Scholarship 2021-2022, commencing this September. Additionally, he is undertaking a Master of Public Health. Craig is interested in global, public and sexual health, particularly blood-borne viruses and health protection. One day, he hopes to work on global and public health policy as a researcher and governmental advisor.

He is a former Scottish representative on the Royal College of Nursing's (RCN) Students' Committee, taking over as chair in 2019. Now, Craig sits on the RCN Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum steering committee.

As a student, he was an editor for the Student Nursing Times. Craig was also a member of the Scottish Government’s Country Specific Working Group for the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. In 2019, the National Student Nurse Congress Awards shortlisted him as a future nursing leader. The same year, Craig was honoured to be the Student Nursing Times Student Nurse of the Year (Adult) Award recipient.